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You only get one set of teeth and sometimes brushing isn’t enough to take care of them. We offer flexible individual and family dental plans.

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We offer individual and family dental plans exclusively through Delta Dental of Kansas.

We Offer Three Tiers of Coverage

Tier I: Diagnostic & Preventative Services
There is no deductible and no waiting period to utilize diagnostic and preventative benefits. This level of benefit covers exams and cleanings (once every 6 months), X-rays, flouride, sealants and space maintainers.
Tier II: Basic Services
Basic services are the second tier of dental benefits. They are subject to a 6 month waiting period once you enroll. They are also subject to a $50 annual deductible and a percentage of coinsurance, depending on which plan you choose. Basic services include fillings, non-surgical extractions, etc.
Tier III: Major Services
Major services typically have a twelve month waiting period once coverage is attained and they are subject to a one-time $50 annual deductible and applicable coinsurance percentage (depending on the plan you choose). Services include root canals, gum disease treatment, crowns, dentures, bridges, tooth extractions, etc.

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