Valuables & Collectibles Insurance

Nothing can replace the passion you have put into your collection but guarding against a major financial loss will make you feel a little better.

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We have partnered with AXA ART and the MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC which are leading providers of specialty insurance in this space.

Protection for Your Collection

Most homeowners polices have monetary reimbursement limits on specific types of possessions like art and collectibles. Covering the difference in value between those limits and what your stamp collection is actually worth is what valuables and collectibles insurance provides. We can cover things like: antiques, sports memorabilia, art, wine, stamps, etc.

Benefits to You

  • Coverage up to $1,000,000 (higher limits available)
  • Insured for full collectible value
  • No appraisal required at application*
  • $0 deductible and competitive premiums
  • A.M. Best “A” rated carrier
  • Program available in the United States

Insurance Carriers

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